Leung Tim Choppers Factory
Leung Tim Choppers Factory has been here for three generations, and is now managed by Leung Tim’s son, Leung Hung. The proudest item it has ever made is the “Wing Chun Eight-Chopping Knife”.
The factory has an enduring relationship with the Wing Chun martial arts school, ever since the great master Yip Man came to Sham Shui Po to set up a gym. Leung Hung said, “In those days, martial arts gyms would ask my grandfather to make Wing Chun Eight-Chopping Knives, and we are still making them”.
Until now, Wing Chun gyms throughout Hong Kong, and also those abroad, are asking them to make knives. While speaking, Leung Hung took out an Eight-Chopping Knife from the cabinet, and brandished several elegant strokes with it, fully demonstrating how a knife-maker loves knives.