Truly Stainless
“Truly Stainless” is a shop on Ap Liu Street which sells second- hand stainless pots and pans. The utensils in the shop do not look “old” at all. The owner Mr. Wong lamented that “Many people would buy new utensils in a department store at the persuasion of salespersons. When they got home they would throw away their usable utensils.”
The shop picks up when other people throw away, and it will find new owners for the utensils. Mr. Wong sources his pots and pans from various channels, and then he would clean them and hang them up for sale, like meat in a meat stall. Most pots in the shop sell for only 20% or 30% of their original prices. To be able to recycle expensive branded cookware, Mr. Wong says his shop is the “Milan Station” for stainless steel.
Mr. Wong named his shop “Truly Stainless”, which is a play on words because it sounds like “Truly Good-For-Nothing”, a reprimand in Cantonese. Nowadays consumerism prevails; how many families will use a pot until it begins to rust? The shop reminds us that, when we throw away things we should think not only of our wallets, but also of saving the earth!