Pei Ho Roast Meat Shop
From early morning, Pei Ho Roast Meat Shop is filled with customers. Apart from roast meats, they also offer fast food meals and Chinese dim-sums; such diversity in merchandise bear witness to the flexibility of small shops in Sham Shui Po. Mr. Chan Cheuk Ming is one of the owners, and he has been working here since 1983. In 1993, he took over the shop with a few colleagues. The other partners withdrew their shares over the years, but Chan still persisted, and even enlarged his ideas for the business.
The “$13 rice box, two-dish choice” was a selling-point during economic downturn days. Such rice boxes were offered during lunch hours, and although the dishes were not the finest, they were freshly prepared and there were around twenty dishes to choose from. More importantly is that, behind the cheap prices, Chan has the intention to link up with the community. He said, “Many people in the district are on welfare (Comprehensive Social Security Assistance), and they have only some $50 per day.
Pei Ho is able to provide them with three meals a day, with affordable and good food”. In contrast with the fast food shop chains which often raise their prices to pass the cost of inflation onto their customers, Pei Ho is considerate for its customers and gives off a human touch.