Pat Sin Bakery
Traditional Chinese bakeries are getting rare in Hong Kong, let alone in Sham Shui Po. Pat Sin Bakery used to be the cake department of the old Pat Sin Restaurant on Cheung Sha Wan Road. After the restaurant closed down, the bakery moved to Nam Cheong Street and operated independently, for more than three decades by now.
The gold-plated sign in the middle of the bakery was the restaurant’s logo; a tea-pot composed by the letters “PS”, denoting “Pat Sin” (or the “Eight Immortals”). Pat Sin Bakery is now operated by the second-generation owner Cheung Chi Wing. The bakery is most famous for its Mid-Autumn Festival moon-cakes, which are hand made with fine-chosen ingredients, reasonably priced, and dearly loved by district residents. At Chinese New Year it makes festive snacks such as deep-fried sesame flour balls, crispy pastry dumplings and fried red-bean dumplings. Also all year round, Pat Sin Bakery offers its famous cakes including walnut cookies and “small chicken biscuits” (which are baked pork cakes).