Kung Wo Soya Bean Products
Kung Wo Soya Bean Products was founded in 1893 by Mr. Lok Bong, and in the 1990s Mr. So Song Lim, who himself used to a customer from the neighbourhood, took over the shop to become its third-generation owner. The hundred years-old shop is always crowded, and it has a nostalgic decor – old square tables and folding stools, ancient hanging electric fans, white tiles covering the walls, and two large red calligraphic characters “Kung Wo” on the big shop sign, hung high on the wall.
We can witness history here in its stride. The Kung clan’s Wo generation started on soya bean business in the pre-war days, and together with rival shops “Yan Wo” and “Liu Tong”, the three were the most well-known soya bean shops in Mong Kok, each having its own clientele. Do not underestimate their small product range; generation after generation had passed down the best techniques to make traditional bean products.
The electric stone mill in the kitchen has been in service for 98 years. While busily adding soya beans to the mill, the boss Mr. So told us that “Grinding soya beans with a stone mill yields the finest product, with the most authentic taste and fragrance. Not manyshops in Hong Kong do it this way anymore.”