Leung Choi Shung Bonesetter
In the past century and even earlier, when people in East Guangdong talked about bone fractures and bonesetting, they would soon mention Leung Choi Shung and be full of praise. The 200-year old bonesetter shop, and its founder Leung Choi Shung, were so skilful in the bonesetting techniques that people said Leung could attach chicken feet onto a duck.
Leung was especially renowned for curing knife and combat wounds. Walking into the shop, the first reaction is the pungent smell of herbal adhesive plaster medicine. It was said that in the old days, the bonesetter masters have to make such medicines at remote open grounds, to avoid smells affecting the neighbours. Also, it was said that there could not be women present while the medicines were made, or else the medicines’ potency would be lost.
The shop’s main officer-in-charge, Dr. Leung Wing Sang, is busy every day attending to patients, rubbing ointment and bandaging elbows, with flawless skills. No wonder the shop always have patients queuing to see the doctor.