Mei Ho House
Mei Ho House, situated in Shek Kip Mei Estate, was built in 1954. Being one of Hong Kong’s first few batches of public housing estates, it was built to accommodate the victims from the Shek Kip Mei Squatter Area fire that broke out on Christmas Eve, 1953. It also marks the beginning of Hong Kong Government’s construction of resettlement blocks and the implementation of a public housing plan. It was rated as a Grade II historic building by Antiquities Advisory Board in 2010.
Mei Ho House is of a reinforced concrete structure. It is known as a Mark I “H” type resettlement block. The two wings are residential units flanked by long corridors. The central passageway connecting the two wings serves as a public area, where faucets, washing area, toilets, and bathrooms are situated. The residential units are not equipped with kitchens; tenants are therefore required to install their stoves in the corridor for cooking. Mei Ho House is now being redeveloped by the Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association into a city hostel. The project is expected to be completed in early 2012.