Sun Hing Lung Leather Co. Ltd
At the road intersection on Ki Lung Street, the best way to know that one has arrived at Sun Hing Lung is by the thick smell of leather impinging on the nose. Mr. Chan and Mr. Fok are the second-generation owners, and they told of the history of Sun Hing Lung, which was started 47 years ago. There are over a thousand types of leather in the shop, rolled up and stacked on racks.
Fok and Chan have been working here for over 30 years, and they can tell the different types of leather apart; sometimes simply by a light touch they know that it is cowhide, sheepskin or pigskin. Despite their superior knowledge on leather, they are unable to fight against the leather industry’s decline. Since the late 1980’s, retail business for leather has dwindled.
However, those big customers of the past or the small customers of today are equally important to Sun Hing Lung. “In recent years, students who study design, or those who are in leather craft classes, come to buy from us. Though these students only buy in small quantities, we will still cut up leather to sell to them, since they are the supporters for the continuation of the leather industry.” The small leather pieces are bearing the hopes of Sun Hing Lung that Hong Kong’s leather industry will survive and be succeeded by the hands of the young generation.