St. Francis of Assisi Church
The School sits on the site of the St. Francis of Assisi Church which was constructed in 1955. The school is of an I-shape that adheres to the original church to form an overall U-shape compound.
The Church is topped with Chinese red slate roofs at the two towers, and also along the entire roof of the church body from the nave to the altar. Interestingly the edges of the roofs are slightly curled upwards in a Chinese style. Other decorations also exude a particularly Chinese character throughout the Church and can be interpreted as paying due respect to a Chinese community and context.
The main entrance, however, emanates from a Western Cathedral style with three main entry porticos of rounded arches and wooden doors. The overall tone of the Church is of white plaster wall finish, where the pillars and stairs are of a soft grey stone material, and dark wooden doors that sometimes encase stained glass. The whole complex demonstrates a cross-exchange of West and East architectural styles.