Tin Hau Temple
The Tin Hau Temple located on Yee Kuk Street is one of the largest temples in Sham Shui Po. It is listed as a Grade III historic building. Tin Hau, originally named Lin Mo Niang (960-989), is revered for her kindness and power in rescuing people drowning in the sea, and she is widely worshipped by people residing in Hong Kong and in the coastal provinces of South China. Sham Shui Po was previously a fishing hub; the fishermen worshipped Tin Hau and gathered funds to build the temple in the Twenty-seventh Years of Guangxu (1901). The temple has been managed by the Chinese Temples Committee since 1931.
The Tin Hau Temple has its main hall situated at the rear centre, with left and right side halls. The main ridge of the roof is decorated with refined ceramic figurines from Shiwan of Foshan, Guangdong Province. For a temple in the urban area, such fine pottery work is considered to be impressive and elaborate. Besides Tin Hau, the temple is also dedicated to other deities such as Tai Sui (Sixty Lords of Time), Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), Bao Gong (God of Justice), and Bao Kong. It was renovated in 1915 and 1990.