Mar Kee Hi-Fi
On a corner of Ap Liu Street, passers-by sometimes hear a beautiful singing voice wafting though the air, seemingly the popular singer Paula Tsui. The sound comes from Mar Kee Hi-Fi, and the singer is of course Winnie, the “Singing Queen of Ap Liu Street”.
However, Winnie does not make a living by singing; she makes a living by selling microphones! “We sell microphones, so I will demonstrate them personally, and customers can tell the qualities of the different equipment”, she said. “The atmosphere is lightened up through singing, and customers will come to chat. It does not matter if they do not buy; we try to make friends!” Winnie’s singing gives a big attraction to her husband’s shop.
In the 1960s, Mark was just an apprentice to a street vendor, selling Walkman’s. The he worked up, and started selling in a shop, but the demand for higherclass audio equipment began to decline. The husband and wife team works hard to sustain their business; Winnie has to haul heavy speakers around at times. They focus on karaoke equipment now, and they share their hardships and rewards. Although “Mar Kee (The Twins)” was originally named for Mark and his twinbrother, it may well refer to this sweetheart couple.